How We Choose Our President: Primaries and Caucuses (Part 1)

Are you curious about what exactly “Primary Season” is? Well take a look at this fantastic nonpartisan explainer video made available by SeePolitical. It was produced in collaboration with students at the Otis College of Art and Design and their creative partner Imaginary Forces.

Forum on Kane County Ballot Initiative

At yesterday’s Forum on the Campaign Finance question that will be on the ballot for Kane County voters, people were interested in sharing the documentary PRICELE$$ with others or even watching it again themselves. We were hoping to post a direct link here on the website, but it doesn’t seem to be possible based on…


In this Issue of the League of Women Voters of the Elgin Area newsletter: Upcoming Events The Future of Mental Health in Kane County Referendum Question to be on Elgin Ballot Illinois’ Budget Crisis, then & now National League Privatization Study What Happened at the LWVIL Issues Briefing on January 28? 6th Congressional Candidates’ Forum…

League of Women Voters Celebrates 92nd Birthday

League president urges public to “Power the Vote” The League of Women Voters will celebrate its 92nd birthday on February 14.  Founded in 1920 after winning the battle to get women the right to vote, the organization has become synonymous with education and information, especially around elections and voting. The League of Women Voters of…