Where We Stand

Media Engagement Committee

This Committee will work together to write “letters-to-the-editor” of newspapers in the LWVEA area. These will be signed as personal letters, not as submissions by the League. Of course, our League does send its’ own letters on matters also, but these are signed by the Chapter President. We’ve all come across odd, incorrect and incredible opinion letters…

Open Government & Transparency in Government

This Committee will research the City’s Economic Development: what is the funding, criteria, accountability, and decision making, research the City’s various Not-For-Profit organization/group funding: criteria, accountability and decision making. Research to include budgets and the various professional auditor opinions.

Maria Shriver Report

This Committee will continue programming and educational activities that reflect the problems of poverty delineated in “The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink”.

Low Voter Turnout Study/Action

Continue the League’s core issue of increasing voter turnout. Action may include addressing the issue of civics education in the schools, spreading the message that
“YOUR vote makes a difference”, and partnering with other organizations to build on their activities on this topic.