History of the Elgin League

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League of Women Voters founder Carrie Chapman Catt (image via Wikipedia)

The League of Women Voters started after women got the right to vote.

In her address to the National American Woman Suffrage Association’s (NAWSA) 50th convention in St. Louis, Missouri, President Carrie Chapman Catt proposed the creation of a “league of women voters to finish the fight and aid in the reconstruction of the nation.”  Women Voters was formed within the NAWSA, composed of the organizations in the states where suffrage had already been attained.

The next year, on February 14, 1920 – six months before the 19th amendment to the Constitution was ratified – the League was formally organized in Chicago as the national League of Women Voters.

Nine years later, in 1929, the League of Women Voters of the Elgin Area was established. Since that time, the local League has been very active in the community.

Some of the positions from consensus that have transpired are:

The Downstate Forest Preserve Act should be amended to prohibit mining in forest preserves, while exempting previous or current mining operations.

2012 – Gravel Mining in the Brunner Forest Preserve of the Kane County Forest Preserve District

The Elgin Area League of Women Voters completed a two-year Study of Potential Gravel Mining in the Brunner Forest Preserve of the Kane County Forest Preserve District.  The study was approved on March 21, 2012 by a membership consensus meeting.  The expanded scope of study for 2012-2013 was approved at the annual meeting of the LWV Elgin Area…

2001 – Homeless & P.A.D.S.

The League of Women Voters of the Elgin Area believes that the Elgin community needs a permanent 12 month overnight shelter for the homeless. We also believe the permanent shelter shall be a resource center to provide programs and services as a continuum of care. Further, the Elgin League believes that the League shall take…

1996 – Kane County Juvenile Justice Center

The Leagues (Kane and DeKalb Counties) support the formation of a Citizens Advisory Committee for the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center that would report to the Kane County Board. The Committee would be a resource suggesting programs and activities that would increase community involvement in the Center. Members of the Committee would come from the…

1988 – Opposition to Special Use Zoning for Metra Rail Yard

The League of Women Voters opposes the special use zoning for Metra to build a railroad yard south of National Street. The League has a long history of preservation and protection of open space. We have especially encouraged conservation and natural development of the river front. We have testified before the city council on numerous…

1986 – Support of At-Large City Council System

The League of Women Voters of Elgin has taken a position in support of the current at-large election system for the Elgin City Council. League members looked at the issues involved in the at-large versus ward election of Elgin City Council members and determined that the at-large method currently serves the interests of all the…

1985 – City Manager form of Government

After an in-depth study of the three possible forms of government for Elgin, the League of Women Voters of Elgin reached the conclusion that council manager form of government has served Elgin well and should not be abandoned. All three forms available to Elgin started as reform types of government. The council-manager form has been…

1983 – Bluff Spring Fen

The League of Women Voters of Elgin recognizes the Bluff Spring Fen as a unique natural area providing an environment for the growth of many species of plant life that need preservation. It is basically inappropriate for the Metropolitan Sanitary District’s plant because such use would have an undesirable effect on the ecology of the…

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