Candidate Questionnaire from March 22, 2017: South Elgin Village President – Lisa Guess

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NAME: Lisa Guess


South Elgin Village President

1.  Why are you seeking this position?

As an experienced Village Trustee, I will bring stronger leadership to the village as Village President.  Leading by example and being very involved.  I have several items I would like to address as Village President.  These items being staffing the Police Station during non-business hours, conserving remaining riverfront property as open space and parks, renew conservative spending to build reserves that can be used to bring the Police Pension Funding into compliance, etc.

2.  What experience and background do you have which qualifies you for this position?

I have 14 years experience as Village Trustee, a former business owner and many years in the corporate world.

3.  What will be your greatest challenge if elected?

I do not foresee any great challenges.  As Village President I will work collectively with the Village board and staff to continue to bring the excellent quality service, to the residents and business owners, that they are accustom to.  This will be accomplished while growing in the appropriate areas and maintaining a village that we can all be proud of.

Release for publication? YES

I will attend the forum? YES

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