Candidate Questionnaire from March 9, 2017: Rutland Township Supervisor – Margaret Sanders

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NAME: Margaret Sanders


Rutland Township Supervisor

1.  Why are you seeking this position?

I want to continue to serve the residents of Rutland Township.   Financial stewardship has been in place during my eight years as supervisor.   According to the Township Officials of Illinois Laws & Duties Handbook, “The supervisor receives and pays out all moneys raised in the township for defraying township charges…”.   As Supervisor of Rutland Township I do not hire a bookkeeper to do my job.  I have saved the township $3,000 to $4,000 each year I have been in office.  Employing a bookkeeper for eight years would have cost the township at least $25,000.

2.  What experience and background do you have which qualifies you for this position?

I have 30 years of experience teaching Junior High, High School and College mathematics and eleven years as Principal of St. Catherine of Siena School.  During my years as principal I stayed within budget and kept the school running efficiently.  I also have the experience of managing the finances of the family farm for my elderly parents.

As Rutland Township Supervisor, I have completed several Township Government Training Seminars.  I am an active member of Township Officials of Kane County and serve as TOKC Secretary.

3.  What will be your greatest challenge if elected?

My greatest challenge will be to control spending while providing services for the Rutland Township residents.

Road Commissioner Jay Schultz and I applied for a Grant in 2013.  The $225,000 grant made it possible for Rutland Township to black top McCornack Road, the last gravel road in Rutland Township.   Now the residents on McCornack Road have their mail delivered to their mailbox at the end of their driveway and school buses can travel on McCornack Road to pick up students at their driveway.

Release for publication? YES

I will attend the forum? YES

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