Candidate Questionnaire from March 8, 2017: Village of Carpentersville Village President – John M. Skillman

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NAME: John M. Skillman


Village President of Carpentersville

1.  Why are you seeking this position?

After retiring from the Village of Carpentersville after almost 30 years of public service in the fire department, most recently as Fire Chief, it is my desire to stay involved with the community. I feel that I am the most qualified candidate for Village President to lead our community into the future and in a more positive direction. As a life-long resident of Carpentersville, I am familiar with the Village’s operations and have worked closely with many businesses, residents, and organizations in the community. Over time, autonomy can be lost without new insight. There has been little change in the Village Board’s makeup over the past several years and I believe that new views, ideas, and vision are necessary to keep the Village moving in a fresh and positive direction.

2.  What experience and background do you have which qualifies you for this position?

My experience in public safety gives me experience in emergency management relating to police and fire safety. I have a bachelor degree in Fire Science Management and Master Degree in Management and Leadership. This education, in addition to on-the-job experience, makes me a very qualified candidate for Village President. My civic involvement experience includes being a member of the Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce, member of the Carpentersville Rotary Club, and board member of the True Patriots Flags of Freedom honoring veterans and 9/11. I volunteer for various other state and local organizations. My experiences in municipal government include planning, operations, budgeting, and personnel relations. My communication skills will allow me to work with residents, current businesses, personnel, and to attract new businesses to the Village and will assist in bridging many of the negative communication issues currently experienced within the Village with residents, businesses, and personnel.

3.  What will be your greatest challenge if elected?

One challenge facing municipal governments is the ability to maintain steady revenue streams and ease the tax burden on businesses and property owners. My goal will be to expand on other revenue sources and evaluate expenses to assure they are fiscally responsible. There needs to be a stronger concentration of efforts on economic development of vacant and open spaces to increase the tax revenue base. There needs to be an evaluation of basic services such as street maintenance, police patrol, fire/ambulance services, property maintenance, and water/sewer services to assure the focus in these areas as many residents believe this has not been a priority. The State of Illinois continues to threaten cuts to local revenues and the Village needs to be prepared to weather the storm. Rising pension costs are a concern for the Village and will need to be managed without cutting basic services and resident safety.

Release for publication? YES

I will attend the forum? NO, I will not be able to attend

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