Candidate Questionnaire from March 4, 2017: Elgin Community College Trustee – Shane Nowak

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NAME: Shane Nowak


Elgin Community College Dist. 509

1.  Why are you seeking this position?

The reason that I’m running is that I have always been interested in local politics and want to help improve the community that I have lived all my life in. I graduated from Elgin Community College with my associates degree in 2002. I then went back to Elgin Community College after I received my Bachelor’s degree to obtain my Emergency Medical Technician license. I see the value of Elgin Community College and want to make sure the value is there for future generations of students.

2.  What experience and background do you have which qualifies you for this position?

One of the primary issues with education today is the increasing student loan debt. Having gone to college and currently working in the higher education field for the past five years, I would bring a unique perspective to the current board. I work with students everyday discussing their financial aid and helping guide them to understand the complex process. I am passionate with working with the board of trustees to create a solution to the student loan dilemma.

3.  What will be your greatest challenge if elected?

The challenge is the budget issue the college faces during this uncertain time is state funding because of the budget impasse in Springfield. The college needs to prepare for the funding that the state may not being able to provide. Education funding from the state of Illinois made up roughly 2% of their yearly budget. The current board has a policy of having enough funds to keep the college open for six months without any additional outside sources and this is a policy that I will continue to support. I don’t support any tax or fee increases due the state of Illinois having some of the highest property taxes in the nation. The board does not exist in a vacuum when it comes to property taxes and they need to know understand that.

Release for publication? YES

I will attend the forum? YES

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