Candidate Questionnaire from February 9, 2017 Forum: Dundee Township Supervisor Patricia ‘Trish’ Glees

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NAME: Patricia ‘Trish’ Glees


Dundee Township Supervisor

1.  Why are you seeking this position?

I am running for Dundee Township Supervisor as an independent candidate and I am committed to serving all of the residents of Dundee Township. I believe in the continued development of Open Space program and I want to ensure the protection of general assistance and Ride In Kane programs.  I also, believe negotiating an intergovernmental agreement between the Supervisors Office and Highway Commissioner will save tax dollars.

2.  What experience and background do you have which qualifies you for this position?

Although I have not held a governmental elected office, I have held several board positions. I have over 25 years of business and management experience at various levels. I am the president and owner of T.G. Consultants. Since its creation in 2010, I have weathered good and bad times in a fiscally responsible manner. I manage employees, college interns, budgets and equipment not only for my business but also other small business that my company maintains as clients. I maintain several certificates most importantly to this position are a PMP (Project Management Professional) and CISA (Certified IS Auditor). I also coach within the Dundee Crown High School INCubator program, I am an active Rotarian and community volunteer.

3.  What will be your greatest challenge if elected?

I believe challenges provide opportunities. If elected, one opportunity is to establish an intergovernmental agreement between the Supervisor & Road Commissioner.  Coordinating will offer many opportunities to save tax dollars while maintaining and improving services. Other opportunities would be to increase the awareness via the use of social media for Open Space Programs, general assistance and Ride In Kane.

Release for publication? YES

I will attend the forum? YES

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