1983 – Bluff Spring Fen

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Hike at Bluff Spring Fen

The League of Women Voters of Elgin recognizes the Bluff Spring Fen as a unique natural area providing an environment for the growth of many species of plant life that need preservation. It is basically inappropriate for the Metropolitan Sanitary District’s plant because such use would have an undesirable effect on the ecology of the area. It is recommended that the area be designated as a natural area for preservation by the Illinois Nature Conservancy.

Since the area is owned by the Chicago Metropolitan Sanitary District and since the property is contiguous to the city limits, the City of Elgin would be the logical governmental body to annex the property. The MSD has not made any use of this property; the land is recognized as a flood plain by the Corps of Engineers; it is inconveniently on the far fringes of Cook County; and there has been a long-time lack of interest in the area by MSD.

The area is comprised of 170 acres. At the present time the goal would be to dedicate 90 acres with the Illinois Nature Conservancy and later develop the remaining areas as possible controlled recreation areas.

It is therefore essential that there be a strong coalition of nature groups willing to help the city in recommending protection, preservation and future development methods for this area.