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We serveĀ the people of Bartlett, Carpentersville, Dundee, Elgin, Gilberts, Sleepy Hollow, and South Elgin.

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political, not partisan

But being nonpartisan does not mean we lack opinions, or the willingness to express them.

educate and inform voters

in a factual and nonpartisan way

One of the LWVEA Candidate Forum's this spring

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League of Women Voters of the USĀ 

  • LWV of the Elgin Area added 2 new photos.
    The LWV of the Elgin Area honored Sigi with this tribute in the program of the 2016 State of the State Luncheon. The quintessential photo of her was not included.https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/s130x130/14370037_10154066784665889_4433231858469583406_n.png?oh=51bc0495fa7eb94f001b8b4a9578f75c&oe=586B22E4 ... read more
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  • LWV of the Elgin Area shared their event.
    https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/c107.0.130.130/p130x130/14370443_10154057153090889_3012858250621642626_n.jpg?oh=6ce68e393bfd96963dce2d81f10dfd77&oe=5868C522The LWV of the Elgin Area cordially invites you to participate in a moderated Candidate Forum for the candidates running for 8th Congressional Representative, 22nd Legislative District Senator, Kane County Coroner, and Kane County Board District 22. Candidates for the following contested races have been invited to participate: 8th Congressional ... read more
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  • LWV of the Elgin Area shared Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law’s post.
    https://external.xx.fbcdn.net/safe_image.php?d=AQDPcfP2POVf9taB&w=130&h=130&url=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic01.nyt.com%2Fimages%2F2016%2F09%2F19%2Fopinion%2F19mon1%2F19mon1-facebookJumbo.jpg&cfs=1What's happening in Wisconsin proves that the Supreme Court's assumptions in Citizens United were catastrophically flawed: ... read more
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  • LWV of the Elgin Area shared YWCA Elgin’s event.
    Just looked over the Agenda and Program materials this morning, and wow - what a great event this will be! If you want to make a difference in your community, you must attend this event. Register today! (By the way, all are welcome) Please sharehttps://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/c107.0.130.130/p130x130/14039925_10153603437961548_5638473446704962936_n.jpg?oh=cd1f6cb3b8dc723272d5cfe9b150ba1e&oe=587B50D6Are you interested in learning how ... read more
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  • Four Reasons To Watch the Debates
    The entire House of Representatives and dozens of US Senate and Governor’s races will be decided in November, along with our next President. If you’re wondering how you can choose the right candidate to receive your vote, we’ve got the answers! Educating and Engaging Voters Educating Voters Debates ... read more
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